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The Development Of Engineering Plastic Must Take Into Account Environmental Issues

Aug 08, 2017

The development of Engineering Plastic must take into account environmental issues
 Since the 1970s, Engineering Plastic and the environment has been the industry's concern, because it relates to the sustainable development of the industry. Engineering Plastic and environmental issues include the disposal of post-consumer Engineering Plastic in municipal solid waste, the pollution of agricultural plastics for agricultural plastics, the recycling of used Engineering Plastic, the foaming agent for foam Engineering Plastic, and the Engineering Plastic additives Heavy metals, the toxicity of raw materials and a series of problems.
      Among them, more intuitive, but also people are more concerned about the hot spots of urban solid waste in the post-consumer Engineering Plastic processing problems. A large number of disposable packaging products, such as Engineering Plastic bags, cutlery, etc., in particular, disposable polystyrene foam lunch box on the environment pollution, not only caused widespread concern in society, and finally led to the end of 2000 to prohibit the use of fate The
      The incident correctly conveyed a message that the development of Engineering Plastic must take into account environmental problems, that is, in the development of an Engineering Plastic products, it should take into account its post-consumer processing problems. At present, one-time Engineering Plastic packaging products are from the use of degradation of Engineering Plastic and recycling of two aspects of development and research, and ultimately because of the development of Engineering Plastic with a breakthrough.
      Recently, due to the scrapped household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, computers, copiers, video games, etc.) Engineering Plastic building materials and the number of cars more and more foreign countries, Engineering Plastic waste disposal issues more and more attention, And is developing a variety of processing methods, China's Engineering Plastic industry should also be seriously considered early, for the initiative.
      Now, in China, "white pollution" has become a household name for the one-time Engineering Plastic products caused by environmental pollution synonymous. To this end, causing the community, government departments, enterprises are concerned about this issue, the industry experts also offer advice and suggestions, is to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by Engineering Plastic.
Engineering Plastic because of its structural advantages, not only has excellent overall performance, easy processing and molding, and the material surface is easy to erosion and get a higher coating adhesion, so the current application in the plating is very common.
Compared with the normal metal parts, Engineering Plastic electroplating products can not only achieve a very good metal texture, but also can reduce the weight of the product, in the effective improvement of Engineering Plastic appearance and decorative, but also improve its electrical , Heat and corrosion resistance and other aspects of the performance, improve the strength of its surface machinery.
But the choice of electroplating with Engineering Plastic materials have to consider the material processing performance, the ease of plating and dimensional accuracy and other factors.
Engineering Plastic plating products with both Engineering Plastic and metal characteristics. Its small proportion, good corrosion resistance, easy molding, with metallic luster and metal texture, as well as conductive, magnetic and welding and other characteristics. It can save the complicated machining process, save metal materials, and beautiful, decorative strong, at the same time, it also improves the mechanical strength of Engineering Plastic. As the metal coating on the light, the atmosphere and other external factors have a high stability, and thus Engineering Plastic plating metal, to prevent the aging of Engineering Plastic to extend the life of Engineering Plastic parts. With the rapid development of industry, the application of Engineering Plastic electroplating increasingly wide, as Engineering Plastic products in the surface of one of the important means of decoration. At present, domestic and foreign has been widely used in electroplating of ABS, polypropylene, polysulfone, polycarbonate, nylon, phenolic glass fiber reinforced Engineering Plastic, polystyrene and other Engineering Plastic, especially in Engineering Plastic plating the most widely used electroplating effect the best.