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The Important Role Of Coal Silo Liner In Power Plant

Jun 11, 2019

We all know that coal power generation needs to use polymer polyethylene coal silo liner, in the northern cold areas of coal mining enterprises, winter if the cold measures are limited, prone to moisture content and warehouse wall frozen together caused by the closure, we will give priority to the selection of coal silo lining plate. So, where does the coal silo liner play a major role here?

Professional polymer polyethylene plate manufacturers, small series for you to explain in detail the important role of coal silo liner for power plants. Coal silo is an important part of the pulverizing system of coal-fired thermal power plant. In large and medium-sized units, most of the coal silos of the main plant are made of steel and steel.

Therefore, the inner wall of the coal silo is designed to consider the addition of 1 layers of wear-resistant strength higher than the ordinary steel plate 5~6 times smooth surface of the coal silo liner, in order to extend the life of the coal silo, reduce the maintenance rate. As the material in the silo, its grinding 攛 with the silo wall is easy to make the slabs damage, while the surface roughness of the steel plate is easy to cause coal plugging therefore, the inner wall of the coal silo in the design of B inch are considered to add 1 layers of wear-resistant Chang higher than the ordinary steel plate 5~6 times smooth surface of the coal silo 1 liner

, Its main plant coal warehouse amount of about 3 618 m3, Lin to lining the surface area of about 1122 m2. Also such as the 2x300 MW unit, the main plant of the coal warehouse amount of about 3 228 M3 lining table area of about 1608 M2 project volume is larger. If there is a sharp shedding in the operation of the situation, on the one hand, resulting in the loss of protection of the base steel plate and accelerated wear to damage, on the other hand, the lining plate fragments will clog the coal silo outlet, resulting It is very important to design and construct the coal silo liner to ensure the safe operation of the unit.