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The Main Reason For The Bonding And Blocking Of The Original Coal Bunker!

Aug 28, 2019

Coal bunkers that store coal in coal mines, power plants and docks in China are basically made of concrete. The surface is not smooth, the friction coefficient is large, and the water absorption is high. This is the main reason for the frequent bonding and blocking of warehouses. Especially in soft coal mining, more pulverized coal,

In the case of large water, the blockage accident is particularly serious. There are two common types of coal bunker plugging: one is that the wet coal powder is first bonded on the silo wall, layer by layer, and then formed into a shape resembling a rat hole in the silo, and then the coal will cause blockage. The other is due to the large internal frictional resistance between the wet coal powder blocks, and the external frictional resistance between it and the silo wall is also large. When the coal bunk is filled with coal, the coal outlet of the lower conical section is similarly formed. The arched shape of the stuck and rusted (commonly known as the bridge). Only a small part of the coal can be placed when the brakes are opened, and the upper coal is blocked by the arching. In coal mining enterprises in the cold regions of the north, if the cold-proof measures are limited in winter, it is prone to blockage caused by the freezing of water-containing materials and warehouse walls. When installing a wear-resistant coal bunker liner, the fixed form of the liner must be considered for free expansion or contraction in the event of large changes in handling or ambient temperature. Any method of fixing should be designed to facilitate the flow of bulk material and the head of the screw is always embedded in the liner.

The wear-resistant coal bunker liner not only retains the high impact strength of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, but also has a low friction coefficient.

The self-lubricating performance is excellent and the quality can meet the different performance requirements of customers. Such as flame-retardant polymer polyethylene plate, the lining plate is difficult to ignite, can be automatically extinguished within 3-10 seconds after leaving the fire source, and does not drip, the amount of smoke is small, the volatile gas is harmless to the human body, and has a high Promotion and use value.

In addition, there are wear-resistant high molecular polyethylene sheets, high temperature resistant high molecular polyethylene sheets, and high strength high molecular polyethylene sheets.

Wear-resistant coal bunker liner performance because it has:

1, high self-lubricating, non-absorbent

Destruction forms a molecular chain due to water absorption, eliminates sticking, and the material is naturally smooth.

2, low cost of use

One investment, life free from the worry of maintenance.

3, high wear resistance, impact resistance

Adding a variety of modifiers, on the basis of maintaining the original characteristics, to improve various characteristics, more usable.

4, long service life

It is longer than 2 times longer than the original polymer material.

Coal bunker lining installation method

The nail is used to fix the large sheet of material on the wall of the warehouse, thereby completely solving the problem of binding and blocking the coal warehouse. Generally, it is not necessary to cover the entire warehouse. As long as the coal tapping section of the lower cone section of the coal bunker and the upper round silo section are lined with about 1 meter, the silo caused by the rat hole and the arching can be solved.