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The Main Reason Why Boron-containing Polyethylene Sheets Are Widely Used

May 16, 2019

Advantages of boron-containing polyethylene sheets: Polyethylene is a hydrocarbon, has a high hydrogen content, has a good weakening ability for fast neutrons, and boron absorbs thermal neutrons and lead shielding against gamma radiation. Therefore, lead-boron polyethylene sheets With the comprehensive shielding effect of shielding fast neutrons, thermal neutrons and gamma radiation, the popularization and application of boron-containing polyethylene plates can help simplify the shielding structure, reduce the weight of the shielding body and reduce the volume of the shielding body.

Boron-containing polyethylene board has good engineering performance, good dimensional stability, satisfactory γ-irradiation resistance, temperature of 80~100 °C, shielding thermal neutron, fast neutron and gamma radiation performance is better than polyethylene Studies have shown that boron-containing radiation-proof polyethylene sheets can prevent nuclear and neutron radiation from causing harm to individuals and society.

The ultra-high performance of boron-containing polyethylene sheets is mainly for these, so the main reason why it can be widely used is also these. I believe everyone has already understood, then information about more polyethylene sheets will continue to be sorted out for you. Check it out in time.