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The Necessity Of Cleaning The Engineering Plastic

Oct 18, 2017

The necessity of cleaning the Engineering Plastic
In the cleaning of Engineering Plastic when we should use cloth to clean, cleaning the Engineering Plastic more conducive to storage, today's Engineering Plastic manufacturers to take you to understand the need for Engineering Plastic cleaning.
Adhere to the Engineering Plastic cleaning, increasing the transparency of Engineering Plastic, the end of the crop growth is very favorable. Because the cloth can swing at any time to scrub the greenhouse film, improve the temperature of the plastic greenhouse, the output value; reduce the amount of labor, improve the safety of the production of vegetables, can no longer worry about standing in the cold climate scavenging Engineering Plastic The
Engineering Plastic manufacturer of Engineering Plastic is a greenhouse use of the cover film, in the purchase time are more than the actual length of about half a meter, and the width depends on the width of the actual greenhouse to increase the width of the appropriate amount. If this is for the tube shed of Engineering Plastic selection, but also on the basis of this plus one and a half. Multi - functional multi - layer co - extruded Engineering Plastic. Usually based on the needs of the use of the film when the planning tie.
Such as the outer layer with anti-aging function, no trickle function, so the buckle shed when it is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer's product clarification or Engineering Plastic on the symbol, recognize the positive and negative function after use. On the basis of the selection of good quality Engineering Plastic, the proper use of the method is also very important.
In addition to the composition of the Engineering Plastic itself, there are factors such as the molecular structure of the molecular weight of the gaseous matter and the molecular structure of the molecular focus state, as well as the compatibility between the plastic and the permeable material.
1) Molecular polarity
When the degree of crystallinity of the molecule reaches a certain standard, the strong polar macromolecules are difficult to diffuse the inside of the gas due to the close adhesion between the molecules. The greater the polarity of the molecule, the smaller the resin permeability, the better the gas barrier.
2) Molecular crystallinity
Engineering Plastic have hydrophilic properties of the main PVA, PA, etc., hydrophilic resin because of its strong water absorption can make the resin swelling, increased molecular spacing can reduce the barrier. In general, the water vapor diffusion coefficient of an aqueous engineering plastic is not a constant, which increases as the solubility of the water vapor increases, resulting in a change in the moisture permeability coefficient.
3) The general transmittance of Engineering Plastic varies according to the exponential law with temperature. In contrast, the gas barrier properties of PVDC are less affected by temperature, and the non-plastic aluminum foil material is less affected by temperature The
Engineering plastic barrier properties to a certain extent will affect the growth of crops, in the professional Engineering Plastic manufacturers with the help of your crop production will bring greater benefits.
Destroy the soil structure. After the Engineering Plastic debris into the farmland, the soil structure has been changed, the soil productivity has been reduced and the crop production has been reduced. Residual plastic in the soil is not conducive to the exchange of soil moisture and gas, plastic fragments of the barrier is not conducive to the normal growth and development of crops. Affect the survival of microorganisms in the soil. Engineering Plastic in the soil decomposition is a long process, will decompose volatile many harmful substances, affecting the survival of microorganisms.
Seeing, non-toxic Engineering Plastic are generally transparent or translucent, toxic times the transparency of the Engineering Plastic is less turbid; ears, non-toxic in the jitter when the sound crisp, toxic sounds small and stuffy; Non-toxic no smell or tasteless, toxic to stimulate the smell or smell something wrong; hand touch, non-toxic surface smooth, toxic feel fat sticky astringent feel uncomfortable.
If you carry the lighter, you can ignite the Engineering Plastic, to see the burning situation, non-toxic flammable, the flame was yellow, toxic not easy to burn, the flame color is not, burning up irritating smell; Engineering Plastic sinking into the water, Non-toxic will float up, toxic will not float up.
Maintenance of Engineering Plastic, because the reduction of traditional Engineering Plastic cleaning methods on the damage to the film, to extend the use of Engineering Plastic time, lower production costs.