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The Performance Characteristics And Application Areas Of Plastic Sheet

Jul 06, 2017

The performance characteristics and application areas of Plastic Sheet

With the development of social progress, people have become more and more demanding of plastic products. It has become an international fashion trend with plastic substitute steel. Plastic Sheet is widely used in automotive, electronic and other fields.

The following is a list of 5 characteristics of plastic sheet that analyze plastic sheet.

1. General performance

The appearance of Plastic Sheet is opaque and ivory granule, non-toxic, tasteless, low water absorption rate and its products can be in various colors, with 90% high gloss. The combination of Plastic Sheet and other materials is good, easy surface printing, coating and coating processing. Plastic is a kind of very good comprehensive properties of the resin, in relatively wide temperature range with high impact strength and surface hardness, thermal deformation temperature is higher than high temperature resistant plastic PA, size stability is good.

But the fluidity of its melt is high temperature Plastic Sheet PA and PS difference, similar to Plastic Sheet POM.

2. Mechanical properties

Plastic Sheet has excellent mechanical properties, and its impact strength is excellent, it can be used at extremely low temperature. It has good abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance. It can be used for bearing under moderate load and rotating speed. The creep of Plastic Sheet is larger than the Plastic Sheet PC, but it is smaller than the high-temperature Plastic Sheet PA and Plastic Sheet POM.

3. Environmental performance

Plastic Sheet is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents and various acids, but soluble in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbons, which can be caused by corrosion of ice acetic acid, vegetable oil, etc.

4. Electrical performance

The insulation of Plastic Sheet is better, and it is almost impervious to temperature, humidity and frequency, and can be used in most environments.

5. Thermal performance

Plastic Sheet belongs to amorphous polymer, no obvious melting point; The melt viscosity is higher, the liquidity is poor, the weatherability is poor, the ultraviolet ray can change color; Thermal deformation temperature 70-107 ℃ (85), plastic when to 40 ℃ still can show some toughness, can be in to 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ temperature range for long-term use.

Application field

In recent years, Plastic Sheet, Plastic Sheet PC, modified plastic, Plastic Sheet PA6 and Plastic Sheet PA66 are increasing in demand in the automobile industry. One of the main applications of Plastic Sheet is to synthesize Plastic Sheet alloy of PC/ABS with Plastic Sheet PC, which is widely used in automobile, electronic and electric fields. It is said that the application of high temperature Plastic Sheet is mainly due to the excellent performance of Plastic Sheet.