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The Prospect Of Engineering Plastic Can Be Expected Or Will Enter The High-speed Development Stage

Aug 16, 2017

The prospect of Engineering Plastic can be expected or will enter the high-speed development stage
In recent years, with the "plastic on behalf of the steel", "with plastic and wood" gradually rise. Engineering Plastic with its excellent performance, has been widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, coupled with the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, Engineering Plastic become the world's plastics industry in the growth rate of the most Fast development, its development not only for the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industry plays a supporting role, but also to promote the transformation of traditional industries and product structure adjustment.
    According to the latest report, in recent years the market demand for Engineering Plastic will still be much higher than ordinary plastic, and this trend will continue. It is precisely because of this trend, both domestic and foreign enterprises, are optimistic about the market of Engineering Plastic, and is committed to the development of more excellent performance of Engineering Plastic to meet market demand.
    In the past 10 years, China's Engineering Plastic industry has made remarkable achievements, the industry output value of the average annual growth rate of 20% or more, the scale of enterprises continue to grow and develop, the level of science and technology has been improved, some of our product technology, quality indicators are close Foreign advanced level.
 Recently, the Engineering Plastic composite materials research and development has made a breakthrough, the successful completion of the composite material confirmation, as well as the production process of the R & D process. Product purity and color of good, performance reached the international advanced level. Engineering Plastic composite materials research and development success, breaking the European and American countries on the long-term monopoly of the Engineering Plastic market for China's Engineering Plastic composite materials industry provides a strong support. Take this opportunity, the company will focus on the direction of the downstream profile expansion, to achieve the comprehensive development of Engineering Plastic composite materials industry.
    Although the Engineering Plastic in China to achieve the mass production, the quality of similar products to foreign advanced level, and the price is significantly lower than the international market prices, with a certain export competitiveness, but the domestic Engineering Plastic and international level there is still a big gap. First, the domestic raw materials and imported raw materials compared to the purity and color has yet to be further improved; Second, the domestic brands of raw materials is too single, can not produce more varieties of special materials; Third, the domestic downstream processing is not complete, Production of pipe, bar, sheet and other different profiles supply market, so that the application of domestic Engineering Plastic development is subject to great restrictions. Therefore, the development of high-performance Engineering Plastic composite materials imminent, the development of this material can solve China's high-end Engineering Plastic applications subject to the status quo.
 DURABIO ™ is a new type of bioengineered plastic from isosorbide extracted from plants, with superior heat resistance and impact resistance compared to conventional Engineering Plastic. In terms of optical performance, DURABIO ™'s performance is remarkable, especially in terms of brightness and transmittance. In addition, thanks to the superior hardness and stiffness given, the material products without any painting process can be put into use.
 The next 10 years, China will gradually from the manufacturing power to the manufacturing power of change, the use of Engineering Plastic will be heating up, and forced by cost pressures, the market for the localization of the voice of the increasingly high, which will give domestic suppliers Bringing unlimited business opportunities and broad application prospects, and to promote the rapid development of Engineering Plastic industry. At the same time a huge market demand to promote the industry continues to progress, China's Engineering Plastic industry, whether it is material equipment, processing, or application of market development, will enter a stage of rapid development.