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The Prospect Of Food Grade Plastic May Enter A Period Of Rapid Development

Jul 17, 2017

The prospect of Food Grade Plastic may enter a period of rapid development

In recent years, with the gradual rise of "plastic steel" and "plasticids". Food Grade Plastic, with its superior performance, has been widely used in electrical, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, coupled with the advance of energy conservation and environmental protection tide, Food Grade Plastic become in today's world of the fastest growing areas of the plastics industry, its development is not only to national pillar industry and the modern new and high technology industries play a supporting role, but also promote the traditional industry transformation and adjustment of product structure.

According to a recent report, demand for Food Grade Plastic in the market will still be many times higher than ordinary plastic in recent years, and the trend will continue. Also it is because of the trend, whether it is domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, are optimistic about the Food Grade Plastic market, and is committed to develop more excellent performance of Food Grade Plastic to meet market demand.

Over the past 10 years, Food Grade Plastic industry in China has obtained the proud achievement, industry output value of the average annual growth rate of more than 20%, enterprise scale is growing stronger, must improve technology level, our country part of the product technology, quality indicators have been close to the foreign advanced level.

The development of food grade plastic has achieved a breakthrough

Recently, the research and development of Food Grade Plastic products has made breakthrough progress, successfully completed the confirmation of compound material formulation, and the development process of production process. The product purity and color fine, the performance reaches the international advanced level. The research and development of Food Grade Plastics has broken the long-term monopoly of the European and American countries on the market of polyether ether ketone, which has provided strong support for the development of the food grade plastic industry in China. Taking this opportunity, the company will expand the direction of the downstream section, and realize the comprehensive development of the Food Grade Plastic industry.

Although the Food Grade Plastic for mass production in our country, with quality achieving advanced level of similar foreign products, and the price is lower than international market prices substantially, have certain export competitiveness, but domestic Food Grade Plastic with the international level there is still a large gap. First, domestic raw materials and imported raw materials have to be further improved in purity and color. Secondly, the domestic raw material variety brand number is too single, can not produce many varieties special materials; Third, the domestic and downstream profile processing is not complete, can not produce the different profiles, such as pipe, bar, sheet, etc., so that the application development of domestic food grade plastic is very limited. Therefore, it is urgent to develop high performance food grade plastics. The research and development of this material can solve the situation of the control of high-end polyether ether ketone application in China.

Compared with domestic enterprises, Japan's mitsubishi chemical in Food Grade Plastic is no less on research and development, the developed DURABIO ™ Food Grade Plastic is used in the Renault's I shell on the dashboard, as Europe's first.

Mitsubishi chemical bio-based polycarbonate will be used in Renault's dashboard shell

On August 4, mitsubishi chemical, announced that its new biological Food Grade Plastic DURABIO ™ (biological polycarbonate) will be used in the French carmaker Renault's new I dashboard shell material. It is reported that xinke lei is a new model released by Renault in June 2016. This is the first time European carmakers will DURABIO ™ plastic application in vehicle production.

DURABIO ™ is a kind of isosorbide extracted from plants as raw material of new biological food grade plastic, compared to traditional food grade plastic, have more excellent heat resistance and impact resistance. And in the optical performance, DURABIO ™ performance, especially products in terms of brightness and light transmittance. In addition, with superior hardness and stiffness, this material can be put into use without any coating process.

The actual performance of examining DURABIO ™, Renault has enough time. The results show that, compared with traditional materials, DURABIO ™ in modelling aesthetic, technical performance and cost effectiveness. Mitsubishi chemical will also use this as a breakthrough to expand the European market.

In the next 10 years, China will gradually shift from manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse, Food Grade Plastic will be growing, and under cost pressure, the market localization calls for more and more is also high on the material, it will give domestic suppliers bring unlimited business opportunities and broad application prospects, and promote Food Grade Plastic industry rapid development. At the same time, the huge market demand is driving the industry progress, Food Grade Plastic industry in China from materials equipment, processing and forming, or application of market development, will enter a rapid development stage.