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The Role Of Nylon Injection Molded Parts

Jul 30, 2019

Now our nylon products need to be humidity-treated, because nylon is easy to oxidize and discolor (contact nylon) when it is in contact with air at high temperature, and it is easy to absorb water and swell, making the size unstable, and the nylon product is stable in size after commissioning. Water can act like a plasticizer and can improve softness and tensile strength.

The cooking function is called humidity conditioning treatment. The humidity conditioning treatment refers to treating the freshly demolded product in hot water. It can be said that the product is isolated from air, prevents oxidation, accelerates moisture absorption balance, and is stable in product size.

The treatment method is to place in 80-100 water or acetic acid solution, and the length of time is determined according to the thickness and the shape, and usually reaches equilibrium after several hours. After adjusting the humidity, the waist is slowly cooled to avoid internal stress.