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The Significance Of Coal Bunker Lining In Coal Bunker Applications

May 16, 2019

The coal bunker lining is born in a special environment, and the appearance of the bunker lining in the coal bunker application is of great significance. In the coal bunker, the material will flow in the silo, and the friction between the material and the steel wall of the silo wall will easily damage the slab wall, and the surface roughness of the steel plate may easily cause coal plugging.

Therefore, the inner wall of the coal bunker is designed to add a layer of coal bunker lining with a wear resistance of 5-6 times higher than that of the ordinary steel plate to extend the service life of the bunker and reduce the maintenance rate. The coal bunker liner is a new generation of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant material. It is formed by low-temperature melting, forming and controlled nucleation of 10 kinds of mineral raw materials. Its crystal structure is well-proportioned, huge and compact, with soft texture, good machine strength and wear resistance. Function, low friction coefficient, no water absorption, excellent corrosion resistance. Especially as a wear-resistant material, when it has water in its name, it can form a "water film" with strong adhesion, and because there is no micro-air space, the water absorption rate is zero. Therefore, this layer of "water film" is only adsorbed on coal. The name of the warehouse liner (thickness is about 100-300um).

Because of the strong hydrophobicity of coal, this thin layer of “water film” coal bunker lining acts as a smoothing agent, ensuring that coal does not block in the fat coal tank, and the composition of this water film It has a lot to do with the moisture contained in coal.