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Thermal Properties Of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheet

Jun 05, 2019

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has many excellent properties, in addition to our familiar wear resistance and impact resistance, the product's thermal function and electrical function is also very outstanding.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet in a very wide temperature scale, have a very good electrical function, its volume resistance up to 10-18CM, breakdown voltage up to 50KV/mm, dielectric constant 2.3. At a wide temperature and frequency scale. Its electrical function changes very little. In the heat-resistant temperature scale, it is very suitable for the use of electrical engineering structural information and paper factory information.


According to ASTM (load 4.6kg/cm2) method, thermal deformation temperature of 85 ℃, under a smaller load, the use of temperature up to 90 ℃, in special cases, allowed to be used at higher temperatures, because ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is a very good tolerance of information. Therefore, its low resistance function is also very excellent, in the -269℃ low temperature, still has a certain ductility, and there is no brittle fracture traces.


We know that the production of each product has the appropriate use of its own, otherwise it will not be further carried out and used, about today we talk about the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner is the same, for its production can do a variety of mechanical parts. Including food machinery gears, worm gear, worm, bearings; chemical occupation: do pumps, valves, stalls, filter plates; and the reason why the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner will be used in the above occupation so that its original data function is inseparable, because ultra-polymer polyethylene tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, itself non-corrosive,


It has physiological circulation and physiological adaptability of wear-resistant function at the top of the plastic. And the larger the molecular weight, the higher the abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the data; its impact strength is the highest in the existing plastics, even at 70 ℃ there is still an appropriate high impact strength, it has self-lubricating, very low water absorption, non-adhesion, its chemical stability, in the inevitable temperature, concentration scale of acid, alkali, Corrosion of various corrosive media and organic solvents such as salt.