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UHMW-PE Upe Processing Products Roller Ball Rod Tape

Jul 09, 2019

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:UHMW-PE

  • Size:as Customer Requires

Product Description
Any shape, any size, any color, as you require!

Raw material: 4 million molecular weight, 6 million molecular weight, 9 million molecular weight are available.

UHMW-PE sheet is a kind of high-technology product, which we have developed by ouselves by using the experiences of other countries for reference. It is named national technology development and reform project by State Commission for Restructuring Economy. It is light, anti-vibration, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, low-friction-coefficient, anti-aging, inflammation-preventing and electrostatic-resistance.

Size: 1280*3480*(6-60)MM, 1060*4120*(6-60)MM, 1280*4250*(10-200)MM, 2060*3120*(12-160)MM, 1030*4120*(6-160)MM

Color: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green or Any Other Color as Customer Requires.

With UHMW-PE sheet paving the raw coal warehouse of power plant and coal mine, the ore and other material storehouse of cement plant, steelworks and Aluminum works, and the granary and hopper of grain, forage and pharmacy industry, it can prevent material adhering, improve unloading speed, prevent blocking accident and save air gun investment. Paving bluk carrier hold, it can prevent from adhering on the hold and reduce damage from machine to warehouse wall.