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UHMWPE Plastic Outrigger Pads

Feb 05, 2018

UHMWPE plastic Outrigger Pads is one of the indispensable accessory items in your crane, trailer pump or other heavy duty vehicles. Why such a small piece of plastic boards has so important function? Let’s see this following report at first:

Heavily loaded trucks are destroying the Singida-Shelui road. Experts say the current damaged of the road is due to overdependency on roads to transport huge cargo that could have easily been transported through a railway. 


As we all know, heavy duties have tons of their body weight, and they are loaded hundreds of tons of weights during the work, which brings about huge pressure to the tires and road surface. Take cranes as examples, they have stands to help the body to disperse pressure and reduce pressure intensity, and the strength concentrates excessively on their stands, if there is no powerful impact resistance pads to help it disperse the stress from the contact segment with road surface, the driver may get a blown tire or even road will be destroyed easily. 


The UHMWPE Outrigger Pad is specially designed for crane and other heavy duty machine. Its powerful function benefits from the advanced material - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, which has the molecular weight of 2 million - 6 million. It has wear resistance, impact resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, Self lubrication, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, light weight, energy absorption, aging resistant, flame retardant, anti-static and other excellent properties. At the same time, there are patterns on the surface, improving its safety and anti skid performance of the plate. Compared with the wooden outrigger Pads, the plastic UHMWPE Outrigger Pads is much more safety, durable and convenient in use.


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