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UHMWPE Plastic Synthetic Ice Hockey Rink

Jul 19, 2019

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:PE

  • Kind:White Plastic Sheet

  • Water Absorption:<0.01%

  • Contraction Percentage:<0.4%

  • Tensile Strength:(30~40)MPa

  • Denstity:0.935 G/Cm2

  • Breaking Elongation:>300%

  • Thickness Tolerance:+2 -1

  • Molecular Weight:3million -10million

  • Color:Custmized

  • Working Temperature:-300°c--80°c

  • Melting Point:136°c

  • Samples:Free

Product Description

UHMW-PE combines the advantage characteristics of all types of plastic, featuring in the excellence of withstanding wear and tear, resisting impact and chemical corrosion, self-lubricating, working against low temperature, being low in abrasion loss, light in weight, absorbing energy, anti-ageing, retarding inflaming and preventing build-up of static electricity. It is widely used in the interior lining of coal house of thermo power plants, coal mines and coking plants etc., the raw material storehouse of cement factories, steel mills and aluminum factories, the granary of food industry, feedstuff industry and pharmaceutical factories as well the hoppers at wharfs. It is recognized as "amazing engineering plastics". 

Ice skating is not only fun but it's great for your health also. Ice skating is a social sport that can be practiced by many people all at once. You could transform your synthetic ice rink into a little theme park, creating a fantasy ice world.
You can build it easily, when, how and where you want it. It's modular, so you can get any size and dimension. And it's also easily portable and storable.
Your operational costs will be very low: no electricity, no water bills, no skilled labor needed.

Select Ultra-High Density (UHMWPE- Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene) synthetic panels for:
Commercial Use. The heavier the molecular weight, the more durable the product. The highest density polymers have molecular weights in the range of 5-6 million.
The heaviest panel is the most dense and durable.
Figure skating, or frequent, high level figure-skating practice. This is because the toe pick can create deep scratches in medium to high density polymers. The synthetic surface in this case will last longer and serve you better if ultra-high density polymers are installed.

The densest panels have the lowest coefficient of friction (COF), meaning you'll be able to glide with less effort, and attain greater speed for practicing spins and jumps.
Hockey practice. Ultra-dense synthetic surfaces are as excellent for hockey as they are for other uses. The cost per square foot is greater, which is why for most home applications, we think the high-density synthetic ice rink panels will be very suitable. Nevertheless, there may be some great reasons why you would choose an ultra-high density polymer for your synthetic practice rink - less shavings, greater durability, less maintenance, to name a few.

The extreme hardness of the ultra-high density synthetic surface does tend to dull a hockey blade more quickly than a high-density surface. You might wish to also buy a blade sharpener while you're at it. Some experts think that the decreased friction of the ultra-dense surface may offset some of the dulling effects of the hard surface. 
 * Easy handling
* Light in weight.
*100% flat surface required.
*Lowest skate blade abrasion
*Self lubricated synthetic ice surface
*Strong & seamless connections
*100% recyclable & non-toxic