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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Block Application

Jul 30, 2019

Paper machine

Suction box cover, deflector, wiper, hydrofoil

Construction agricultural machinery

Excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, high resistance to repeated fatigue, excellent noise and vibration damping, can be used as an elevated, light rail bridge deck shock block, dump truck, tipping lining, mortar, concrete container and chute lining, easy to clean .

Low temperature technology

Assembled cold storage, low temperature container mat board, successfully used in the European Nuclear Research Center for high seals, gaskets and piston rings at liquid nitrogen temperatures

medical technology

Due to the good biocompatibility of UHMWPE and the manual transplantation of organs for medical treatment, hundreds of thousands of people in the world have received super high bone and joint implants. At present, the company is working with famous institutions at home and abroad to research and develop clinical application tests of various types of artificial organs.

Electrical engineering

Ultra high with good electrical insulation properties, electrical performance indicators are above the general plastic.

Chopping board

It is easy to use and is used as a cutting board for food processing plants, a kitchen countertop, and a dough mixer. The leather mechanical punching cutting board has a service life that is more than four times higher than that of other plastics, and the surface shaving layer can continue to be used. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is a new material that has been developed in recent years as a permanent solid lubricant to protect frictional metal surfaces, reducing energy consumption, noise and expensive maintenance.