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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Profile

Jul 01, 2019

First, the extrusion process: without adding any additives to produce a variety of profiles with a viscosity average molecular weight of 1 million to 12 million, the maximum profile cross-sectional area of 2m2, the thickest part of the same section of the product is 200mm, the thinnest part is 2mm. Second, the extrusion process: without adding any additives to produce a sheet of 1.5-1200 million molecular weight, thickness 1mm. Third, the production process of 1.5-1200 million large-area plate by pressing process: length 8000mm, width 2000mm, thickness 350mm. Fourth, cutting-edge modification technology, effectively improve product performance 5-25%.

 First, the production of extruded molding products are more strong, more wear-resistant and more uniform. 2. Adhesive: Extrusion-formed ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can be bonded to rubber, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. No reinforcement is required in the metal part. This reduces the number of parts required, which reduces costs and saves installation time. Third, embeddable: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has another characteristic when molding, which is embeddable. The embedding process can be added during molding, and the added components can be combined with the finished product when the molding is completed. This feature saves the post-forming installation and embedding process, which reduces the corresponding cost and reduces the risk of loosening the embedded components. About ultra high molecular weight polyethylene profiles:

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) has a molecular weight of 3 million to 12 million molecular weight profiles and has excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, non-adhesion, corrosion resistance, water absorption and hygienic non-toxicity. performance. Extrusion processing of various profiled products, such as derailment, lining, molding and so on. Can be widely used in machinery, food processing, textile, medical, electronic appliances and packaging and transportation, etc., can reduce energy consumption, low noise, improve productivity, with obvious social and economic benefits.

Through extrusion or secondary processing into various shapes of products, it is widely used in the wear-resistant, lubrication and transportation of parts and machinery, as well as various hoists, escalators, packaging and irrigation industries, and overlapping lifts. Lubrication of automatic storage fluids, wear-resistant corrosion parts. Application areas of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene profiles: Mining industry: manufacturing artificial tank linings, gates, chain plates, vibrating screens, conveyor plates, mining car liners. General machinery industry: manufacturing various bushings, gears, bushings, sliding plates, impellers, etc. Vehicle manufacturing and transportation industry: The main products include dump trucks, self-unloading ship liners, and impact-resistant parts for train vehicles. Paper industry: mainly produces vacuum suction box panels and wiper plates, compacting parts, joints, motorized sealing shafts, sheet guide wheels, scrapers, filters, etc. Textile industry: manufacturing all kinds of leather knots, coiled fibers, shuttle sticks, gears, joints. Anti-impact and wear-resistant parts such as sweeping rods, buffer blocks, rod bushings, and swinging back beams. Diet light industry: manufacturing panels, cutting boards, work panels, cams, gears, etc. Ceramic industry: manufacturing various specifications of rolling heads, filter plates, wheels and so on. Sports industry: ski lining, crawler ice and snow car parts, glider floor, steel ball components, various bearing bushings, rolling fairways, motorized sled parts, etc.