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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Shaped Parts Storage Measures

Aug 21, 2019

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts nylon idler before use, should search for the surface with or without the impact of important impact damage, select the matching fastening material, the water content less than 4% of the material can be consistent with the extension of static time, in the middle, medium In the unit power plant, four, at a lower temperature. Compared with the traditional suppression sintering method. The same warm plastic plastic melt movement rate is zero.

    Therefore, the amount of use is inexhaustible, and it does not suffer from 12% of the original program. If it needs to be reversed, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts have the anti-corrosion and anti-attack of the common polyethylene and other engineering plastics. Self-lubricating, self-lubricating, smashing, attacking, low temperature, hygienic, non-toxic, non-sticking, non-sticking, water-absorbing, low-density, etc., good toughness (same for low temperature conditions), shearing during blow molding The cutting rate is l~i04S~. 4. Water and electricity, thermal power, engineering, water tower bottom sealing joints, after the storage of silo materials to two-thirds of the capacity of all warehouses, the amount of research and experiments.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts

     Dealing with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts storage chute lining coal measures: sieve plate, filter plate, underground U-shaped coal chute concrete: cement raw silo and finished silo lining grain: grain storage chute lining mining:

     Sieve plate, chute lining, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts are the same as cracking of the molecular chain. We are the manufacturer of the processing industry for many years. The material with water content less than 4% can be extended to stand still and self-lubricating UHMWPE sheet. Sexual and non-tacky, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts of the finished product area, the thinner solution viscosity measurement method and tensile stress measurement method, its chemical identity, warm handling and hardness, blocking the warehouse is particularly important. We hope that we can understand and understand more responsibly. It is a kind of green building materials, which is a famous building that reduces resources and shelters the environment.