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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheet Manufacturer Introduction Polyethylene Plate

Jun 03, 2019

With the development of society, polyethylene sheet has been adapted to various environments, but some people still do not know much about it.

The manufacturer of the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate will then introduce the relevant knowledge points, which it is hoped would be helpful. Polyethylene plates are suitable for installation in a variety of environmental conditions. It can be designed as a joint structure.

It can be customized according to user requirements and is easy to install and maintain.

If the operating conditions are very difficult, the application of hopper, underground coal mine chute, metallurgical industry funnel, etc., can completely solve the transport process bonding and clogging material problems, to achieve safe, efficient, normal production.

Polyethylene plate improves wear resistance, has high impact resistance, low friction coefficient, good chemical resistance, very low water absorption rate.