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Warmly Welcome Mr. William To Our Factory For A Visit!

Feb 05, 2018

One of our customer Mr. William comes from Canada visits us recently. Mr. William arrives at our city Anyang in a cold winter morning, and we warmly receive him. 

With great enthusiasm, he visits our processing workshop, which located at economic Development Zone Of The North City, Tangyin County, Anyang, Henan, where installs our milling machine, CNC Engraving, Moulding equipment and so on. During this workshop tour, he and our manager have in-depth discussion and communication, and they exchange their idea on the production technology of polyethylene Sheets, such as color, shape, custom size, and reach an agreement on long term cooperation finally. 


We entertained Mr. William at a banquet. He tastes our typical traditional gourmet, for example Red-Cooked Chicken Daokou Style. At the same time, we share him funny stories on our diet to help him know more about our eating habits.

Anyang city is the eight dynasties ancient city, the source of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty and the Book of Changes. It has two World Cultural Heritages, one is Yin Dynasty ruins, and the other is China grand canal (Yongji Canal). Mr. William is really interested in Chinese Cultures and history, so we lead him to visit several noted historical sites, for example the above-mentioned Yin Dynasty Ruins, at where is displayed inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty. And at the National Museum of Chinese Writing, he Appreciated all kinds of Chinese Writing of successive dynasties, which is carved on bones or tortoise shells, stone, bronze ware, etc. Chinese ancient divination also bring mystery and novelty to him.