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Warrior Helmet With High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Material:less Weight And Harder Helmet

Sep 18, 2017

With the Scientific and technological progress,at the same time, it pushes the upgrade of weapons and equipment, of course, the soldiers of the equipment has begun to become more advanced.

"Daily Mail" reported that the United States scientists will be ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene used to the soldiers equipment, with this material to build the second generation of new helmets compared to the previous weight loss of 22%, no doubt this is scientific and technological progress Charm.

In addition, the new helmet is harder to withstand the 9mm pistols and a variety of shrapnel attacks, which helps the soldiers without reducing the protection of equipment in the case of improving combat efficiency.

It is reported that the US military began to equip the second generation of helmets only about 1.1 kg, more lightweight helmet will reduce the weariness of wearing, to help soldiers remain vigilant to enhance the overall combat capability and durability of the US military.