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Waste Plastic Sheet Recycling Is A Major Event In Social Protection And Resource Recycling

Aug 16, 2017

Waste Plastic Sheet recycling is a major event in social protection and resource recycling
 Due to the development of society and the improvement of people's life, the demand for Plastic Sheet in the world is growing at an average annual rate of 4.4%. Various Plastic Sheet products are widely used in various fields of machinery, electrical appliances, textile, mining and life. Followed by the number of amazing, difficult to deal with waste Plastic Sheet. At present, the waste Plastic Sheet recycling problem is not only a Plastic Sheet industry and Plastic Sheet applications in the field of a major problem, is also a social protection and resource recycling event.
    Domestic economic environment is sluggish, commodity market consumption to follow up slow. The end of 2014 the international crude oil slump also makes the recycled Plastic Sheet industry fell to historic trough, recycled Plastic Sheet cost pressure unprecedented, the price advantage is lost, the market competitiveness weakened, many renewable enterprises have withdrawn from the market. Thus, leading the waste Plastic Sheet industry to enrich confidence, so that waste Plastic Sheet industry out of the winter is a top priority.
    Under the new economic conditions, the "one way along the way" of the big strategy, no doubt to drive China's economic growth, waste Plastic Sheet industry to provide a general direction. It is understood that the cost of labor in the industry in Indonesia is $ 300, about $ 250 in Vietnam, Cambodia is cheaper, about $ 100, and in China's Pearl River Delta area labor costs about 600-650 dollars. "Along the way" direction to determine, will lead the waste Plastic Sheet business out of the woods. Waste Plastic Sheet industry can be the industrial chain of labor-intensive, low value-added products early transfer to Southeast Asia, and then import recycled Plastic Sheet particles to reduce costs and increase profits.
    At present, the waste Plastic Sheet industry practitioners need to change the development model and business philosophy. In the development model above the market adaptations continue to implement the "going out" development strategy; in the business philosophy above, to clear their product positioning, as far as possible the production of high value-added products, targeted occupation of the market.
 The so-called light diffusion PC Plastic Sheet is added in the PC raw materials, optical additives, with the help of these light additives, the Plastic Sheet products will show a hemispherical diffusion, according to the amount of light diffusing agent added , The size of the additive particle size, and its distribution will improve the quality of the use of materials.
  Depending on the need for PC Plastic Sheet use, these light dispersant additions will also vary widely. Light diffusion PC Plastic Sheet light diffusing agent to add the amount, it will directly affect the optical performance. According to the different needs of light scattering, diffusion material is divided into full light transmittance / haze / dispersion, how to do astigmatism material high transmittance, which is undoubtedly the problem.
  When these light diffusion PC Plastic Sheet fluorescence, the light will be to the surrounding radiation, by the back of the light will be reflected to the front, and the front of the light over the critical angle will appear reflection phenomenon. Different PC materials reflect the distance is different, according to the actual needs of different, to carry out the appropriate choice of appropriate materials. PC diffusion material has a good light diffusion effect, high material transmittance, as well as we use the recognized mechanical properties, are all concerned about the issue.
 In order to meet the needs of future PC materials, all the proliferation of PC Plastic Sheet manufacturers will be a positive development, PC diffusion material stratification research is very important. PC material manufacturers in the ongoing technological exploration at the same time, but also learn from the introduction of domestic advanced production technology.