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Wear-resistant Chain Track Is What Kind Of Material Is Wear-resistant

Jul 26, 2019

Wear-resistant chain track adopts imported 5 million-9.8 million ultra-high molecular polyethylene (PE-UHMW) high wear-resistant, temperature-resistant engineering plastic "S", "S1000" PE-UHM material, with economical, non-polluting characteristics. High resistance High-precision chain guides such as grinding, temperature resistance, precision, stability, silence, and environmental protection.

Wear-resistant chain track - low wear, low frictional resistance. Self-lubricating. (No need for any lubricating oil), impact resistance. Operating temperature range -200~+80°C. Chain track has shock absorption effect, it is not easy in humid environment. Moisture. High chemical resistance. Corrosion resistant.

Wear-resistant chain track products have self-lubricating properties, high wear resistance, low sliding friction coefficient, strong impact resistance and compression stability, suitable for food hygiene requirements, low noise, insulation and thermal stability. Packaging, canning and conveying machines, die cutting machines, plastic nailing lines, saddle stitches, plastic bags, local printing machine manufacturing