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What Are The Characteristics Of Nylon Gears?

May 28, 2019

Nylon gears have excellent general functions, including mechanical function, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-smoothness, low coefficient of conflict, indefinite flame retardancy, easy processing, suitable for fiberglass And other fillers are filled with enhanced modification, advanced function and extended application planning, and secondly, its overload maintenance function, when the torque is too large, the gear itself is damaged, the power transmission is continuous and then the subordinate equipment or personal safety is maintained, and the loss is lost. Because nylon is non-toxic, light in weight, excellent in mechanical strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the replacement of copper and other metals in the machinery, chemical, surface, car and other industries to make bearings, gears, pumps Leaves and other parts.

Characteristics of nylon gears:

(1) High strength, can bear load for a long time; heat resistance of nylon gear;

(2) Excellent resilience, can be twisted and not deformed, together with patience and resistance to repeated shocks;

(3) Wear-resistance and self-smoothness, which is superior to bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and phenolic pressure plate in the operation of oil-free or (deoiled) smooth operation, reducing consumption and saving energy;

(4) Noise absorption and shock absorption, MC nylon gear modulus is much smaller than metal, and the attenuation of vibration is large, which provides a useful way to avoid noise than the metal;

(5) Compared with metal, MC nylon gears have low hardness and do not damage the grinding parts;

(6) The low conflict coefficient provides for its extensive use in conflicts;

(7) High chemical stability, alkali resistance, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbon, weak acid, smooth oil, detergent, water (sea water), and has the characteristics of odorless, non-toxic, tasteless and rust-free. Excellent conditions for the use of mechanical parts such as alkali corrosion resistance, environmentally friendly cleaning, food, textile printing and so on;

(8) MC nylon gear products can be made into various colors according to user needs, without affecting the quality, and beautiful;

(9) MC nylon gear limit is not applicable in the following environments and media: the operating temperature exceeds 120 for a long time.