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What Are The Characteristics Of Polyethylene Plastic Sheet In Addition To High Wear Resistance?

Aug 14, 2019

With the wide application of polyethylene plastic sheet products, more and more users are paying attention to our product applications. What are the characteristics of our polyethylene plastic sheets in addition to high wear resistance? Next, our professionals Let me explain it to you briefly.

     1. The abrasion resistance of polyethylene plastic plate is 4 times that of MC nylon and 5 times that of nylon 66. Under the same conditions of use, the service life is much higher than nylon. The polyethylene plastic plate has high self-lubrication and no water absorption, and breaks the molecular chain formed by water absorption to eliminate the adhesion.

     2, polyethylene plastic plate high wear resistance, impact resistance: Add a variety of modifiers, maintain the original characteristics, improve the more practical advantages.

     3. Polyethylene plastic sheet has a small specific gravity of 0.935 and nylon of 1.14. The aging resistance is much higher than nylon. Under outdoor natural conditions, nylon is prone to environmental stress cracking.

     The above three points are related to polyethylene plastic plates. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact our professionals and look forward to working with you.