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What Are The Characteristics Of The Lift Slider?

Jul 30, 2019

The lifter slider can adapt to high-speed movement and greatly reduce the driving power. The machine tool with rolling linear guide slider can reduce the required power source and power transmission mechanism due to the small frictional resistance, so that the driving torque is greatly reduced, so that the machine tool can be reduced. The required power is reduced by 80% and the energy saving effect is obvious.

The positioning accuracy is high, the movement of the lifter slider is realized by the rolling of the steel ball, the frictional resistance of the guide rail is small, the difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistance is small, and the crawling is not easy at low speed. Repeated positioning accuracy is suitable for moving parts that are frequently activated or reversed. The machine positioning accuracy can be set to the ultra-micron level. At the same time, according to the need, the preload is appropriately increased to ensure that the steel ball does not slip, achieve smooth motion, and reduce the impact and vibration of the motion.

The lifting machine slider has strong bearing capacity, good bearing capacity, and can withstand forces and moment loads in different directions, such as the forces acting in the up, down, left and right direction, as well as the jolting, shaking and oscillating moments.

Therefore, the lift slider has good load adaptability, and appropriate preloading in the design and manufacture can increase the damping, which can improve the vibration resistance and eliminate the high frequency vibration phenomenon, and the sliding guide is in parallel contact. The lateral load that can be tolerated in the plane direction is small, which may cause poor running accuracy of the machine tool.