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What Are The Common Cast Nylon Sheets?

Jul 30, 2019

1. PA6+ oil (green): This cast nylon 6 is a true self-lubricating nylon specially developed for parts that cannot be lubricated, has high load and low running speed, greatly expanding the application range of nylon. It has a lower coefficient of friction than conventional nylon (50% reduction) and improved wear resistance (up to 10 times).

2, MC nylon (ivory white): the characteristics of unmodified cast nylon 6 is very close to nylon 66, its comprehensive performance, strength, stiffness and hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, heat aging, good machining performance Wait.

3, MC901 (blue): This modified nylon 6 has a striking blue color, higher toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance than ordinary cast nylon, which proves to be an ideal material for gears, racks and transmission gears.

4, PA6 + molybdenum disulfide (grey black): containing molybdenum disulfide powder, can improve the bearing capacity and wear resistance of the unmodified mold nylon without affecting the impact resistance and wear resistance, it is very extensive Used to make gears, bearings, star wheels and sleeves.

5. PA6+ solid lubricant (gray): Formulated with patented cast nylon 6, containing solid lubricant, which has self-lubricating properties, excellent friction, outstanding wear resistance and pressure velocity capability ( 5 times higher than ordinary cast nylon). Particularly suitable for high-speed, non-lubricating moving parts, it is the perfect complement to oily nylon.