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What Are The Performance Benefits Of High Molecular Polyethylene Liner

Sep 18, 2016

With relative molecular quality of increases Super polymer poly b lining Board of resistance wear sex enhanced, elongation rate with relative molecular quality of increases and reduced, yield strong with relative molecular quality most of increases also declined, maximum strength with relative molecular quality of increases and slightly has increased, impact strength with relative molecular quality of increases and increases manufacturers production of polymer polyethylene Board relative molecular quality 3 million around reached maximum value, over 3 million around Hou, instead reduced, impact strength with temperature of increased and variable big, But in 25 ℃ maximum.

Polyethylene liners

Polymer polyethylene Board products was widely of application to mechanical industry: it can do various mechanical of parts, including food mechanical of gear, and worm, and worm, and bearing; chemical industry: do pump, and valve, and document Board, and filter Board; medical industry: also can for heart valve, and short shaped surgical parts, artificial joint and the birth control implanted body; sports industry: do skating floor, and roll Earth road, and snowboard, and mobile ski parts.

Polymer polyethylene Board is will was application to above industry in the such it of raw materials of performance is points not open of, because polymer polyethylene Board tasteless, and nontoxic, and no olfactory, itself no corrosion sex, it has physiological cycle sex and physiological adaptability of resistance wear performance home plastic of first, and molecular volume more big, material of wear sex and anti-impact sex more high; it of impact strength is existing plastic in the of highest value, even in-70 ℃ Shi still has quite high of impact strength; it has since lubrication sex, and sucking water rate very low, and not stick attached sex Its chemical stability, within a certain range of temperature, concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media and organic solvents corrosion HDPE molecular weight exceeding 500,000, embrittlement temperature drops to-140 ℃. Polyethylene panels can even in the presence of liquid nitrogen, its temperature can reach-269 ℃, still has a certain degree of mechanical strength.