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What Are The Pp Plate Welding Methods?

Jul 24, 2019

There is an important influence on the quality of the PP board welding and the quality of the building base, so it is necessary to ensure that the base surface meets the construction requirements. Here is a brief introduction to the welding requirements of PP sheet:

   1, clean. All kinds of sundries attached to the bottom layer, such as: dust, grease, rust, cement white matter, etc., should be thoroughly removed by high-pressure water washing, mechanical tools grinding, chemical cleaning.

    3, strong. The outer surface should have a certain strength and rigidity, and its strength and rigidity should be higher than the brushing data. For the loose bottom, sanding, powdered bottom layer or aerated concrete bottom layer, it is necessary to carry out the external treatment of adding strength. Generally, it should be thoroughly removed, and then the emulsion mortar should be used for filling.

    The hot gas used in the PP sheet hot gas welding process can be air, or an inert gas such as nitrogen (for oxidative degradation sensitivity data). Gases and parts need to be boring, free of dust and grease. The margin of the part should be chamfered before welding, or the two parts form a corner. Both parts are in the fixture* to ensure their correct orientation. Hot gas welding is generally done by hand. The welder holds the welding object while the other hand presses the welding rod into the weld zone. It is clear that the quality of the weld is highly dependent on the skill of the welder. Welding materials modified with negatives or rollers can improve welding speed and quality by adding control of welding pressure.