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What Are The Ways To Prevent Coal Silo Liners From Falling Off?

Jun 11, 2019

When we use coal silo liners, we will fall off, so how can we prevent this phenomenon?

Here is our staff to introduce you to their relevant knowledge points.

1, the adjustment of the special adhesive on the average applied to the inner wall of the raw coal silo, the voucher of the laying of the internal coal silo lining plate, until the end.

2. Clean up the pulverized coal in the raw coal silo and set up scaffolding.

3. After laying the lining plate of the inner coal silo, fill the gap between each lining plate with a special glue hook.

4, hoist with a cage into the yuan coal silo for inspection and confirm the loss of the lip flap of the coal silo.

5, after the end, to ensure that the newly laid coal silo liner can be cured after 24 hours before use. About the coal warehouse liner related knowledge points first to introduce to you here, thank you for watching and support, later will organize more information to you, please look forward to.