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Jul 11, 2018

UHMW-PE Sheets have much more outstanding application. We sum them as following,

A. On Port and vessel: UHMW-PE Sheet can be interior lining panel of cabin, funnel liner, liners on bucket of dredger, dock fenders, blocks, baseboard of steamed boat, stern tube, etc. By using it, the self-discharging system of the vessel can function well, and blocking can be prevented so that the discharging speed can be improved at least by 30%.

B. On mining: UHMW-PE Sheet can be skirt surroundings of belt transmission machine, bin liner, edge protection and liner of spiral transmission equipment, linings of coal drop, sleeves of turning roller, etc.

C. On terminal power generation: UHMW-PE Sheet can be bunker liners, pipes and valves of flying ash, sleeves, blades and high pressure nozzles on principal axis of concentration basin, etc.

D. On kinds of equipment and machine: UHMW-PE Sheet can be such as on metallurgical equipment, machinery of transport, food, papermaking, textile, construction, farm, chemical, marine, etc.

E. On Sports, entertainment, medical facilities, UHMW-PE Sheet can be as kinds of skating floor, slide, artificial limb, joint prosthesis, etc.