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What Conditions Should The Polymer Polyethylene Liner Meet To Meet The Factory Standards?

Aug 01, 2019

We are a professional manufacturer of high molecular polyethylene liners. Our products are manufactured to meet the standards before they can be shipped. The polymer polyethylene liner is no exception. For example, high molecular polyethylene liner has good impact resistance. The impact strength can be listed as the first of the plastics. It is tested twice as high as PC and is 5 times higher than ABS raw materials. The cost is lower than the first two and can be at liquid nitrogen temperature. Maintain high toughness at (-196 ° C). So what kind of conditions should the specific product meet to meet the factory standards?

It is said that the high-strength polyethylene liner of the first series of impact strength is not only able to leave the factory, but also needs to be tested for its excellent chemical resistance. Moderate mechanical strength and rigid creep resistance. Can bring people a very convenient experience, as a new type of engineering plastics industry must meet the characteristics of continuous natural, good anti-high energy radiation performance can be used in the sun for a long time without deformation, then manufacturers are With its own set of testing standards, only products that fully comply with the standard are allowed to leave the factory, which greatly protects the interests of customers. Everyone must make a comprehensive product quality when purchasing polymer polyethylene liners. Testing, the only way to choose a better quality product.