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What Is A Polyethylene Plastic Sheet Can Be Used For?

Mar 01, 2018

The UHMWPE / HDPE polyethylene plastic sheet have much more size and color. Maybe you have known its universal function, while some creative people found their functions besides just be ordinary plastic sheets.


Let’s see what is new function Ms. Katrina has found.

“ I am a leather worker so not sure what else these materials can be used for but this will be my main use, although I am pretty sure they have many uses, so if I could get cutting boards for cheap, I definitely would grab them. I am going to try to make an air deflector for my Dewalt out of the PE plastic board material I have left. It may or may not work, but no harm in trying .”


Mr. Earwigger Is also a brilliant artificer, and in the following you will see his gizmos.

“ I use HDPE plastic sheet to make dust shoes, spacers for my stepper motors and spoil boards. It makes great tooling holder material as well. For my drawing machine, using HDPE plastic board as the spoil board helped the markers make contact and made it easier to tape work down.”s


There are also many other genius creation among those man who are fond of thinking and making. And they enlighten us as to create by ourselves from the around materials.