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What Is Food Grade Plastic? What Is Food Grade Plastic

May 26, 2017

Food Grade Plastic What are food-grade plastics? What are food-grade plastics? Food-grade plastics are in line with national food safety requirements of the material, the use of the process will not produce toxic substances.

  Commonly used food grade plastic are:

  1, PET plastic used in the production of plastic bottles, beverage bottles and other products, people often buy plastic mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles are PET packaging products, are food-grade safety plastic material.

  2, PP plastic is one of the most common plastic, can be made of any plastic food packaging, such as food for plastic bags, food plastic boxes, food straws, food with plastic parts, safe and non-toxic and low temperature, high temperature Good performance. PP is the only plastic can be put into the microwave heating, and high-strength folding performance, 50000 times -20 ℃ under high-altitude fall will not be damaged.

  3, HDPE plastic commonly known as high-density polyethylene, with a high use of temperature hardness, mechanical strength and chemical resistance is better. Is a non-toxic safety material, commonly used in the production of plastic containers for food.

  4, LDPE plastic commonly known as low-density polyethylene, made with its products with tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, matte finish characteristics. Commonly used in food with plastic parts, food packaging with composite film, food cling film, medicine, pharmaceutical plastic packaging.

  5, Food Grade Plastic PS commonly used in the production of a bowl of instant noodles, fast food boxes, disposable food packaging, etc., has a good cold performance.

  6, PC plastic can be used to produce sports cups and water bottles, bottles, etc., are widely used in plastic container production, is a safe material.