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What Is The Available Coal Bunker Liner

Aug 28, 2019

At present, the coal bunker lining is widely used, and the self-lubricating property and non-stickiness of the bunker lining plate are utilized to reduce the friction coefficient and solve the phenomenon of blocking the bin. Under what circumstances can the coal bunker liner be used? When installing the bunker liner, the fixed form of the liner should be considered for free expansion or contraction in the case of large changes in operation or ambient temperature. Any method of fixing should be designed to facilitate the flow of bulk material and the head of the screw is always embedded in the liner. For thicker liners, the edges should be cut to 45 degrees. In this way, the allowable length is varied and a smooth plastic plane is formed in the silo to facilitate the flow of material. The utility model can fix the large sheet of material on the wall of the warehouse by using the nail, thereby solving the problem of binding and blocking the coal warehouse. Generally, it is not necessary to cover the entire warehouse. As long as the coal tapping section of the lower cone section of the coal bunker and the upper round silo section are lined with about 1 meter, the silo caused by the rat hole and the arching can be solved. Coal bunker liners can be used in normal environments.