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What Is The Effect Of Plastic Sheet On The Soil?

Nov 01, 2017

What is the effect of Plastic Sheet on the soil?
All know that Plastic Sheet manufacturers can enhance the production of crop products, but in fact the use of Plastic Sheet also has some benefits to the soil, so that the land is more conducive to the growth of crops, specifically what application benefits, we need to learn more about it.
In the crop growing season, the plastic surface of the soil reduces the wind and rain and the trampling of people in the management, so that the soil can maintain a good loose state. In the plastic surface covered with Plastic Sheet, the rain imiderma flow into the furrow and was discharged, soil moisture is generally not too much saturation. In the absence of rain, the water in the lower part of the soil can run vertically from bottom to top, and the water in the furrow can also be transferred transversely to the middle of the furrow. Dust, the film hindered the evaporation of soil moisture, water retention, can reduce the number of irrigation.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers after the product coverage, the soil temperature and humidity appropriate, permeability is good, the soil maximum temperature of up to 30 ℃ or more. Therefore, soil microbial increase, increased activity, can accelerate the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, and promote the activities and reproduction of soil beneficial microorganisms.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers use the basic purpose of the product is insulation, and the temperature inside the Plastic Sheet with the outside temperature changes have a certain change, so in order to ensure the use of Plastic Sheet effect, we need to understand the characteristics of its temperature changes, so as to To ensure its use effect.
Sunny days, the film temperature along with the rapid increase in sunlight. Membrane temperature to the late film can be more than 25-40 ℃, higher than the open air temperature above 15 ℃, and the ground temperature up to 15 ℃. The temperature of the membrane every morning 11 o'clock has risen, 12:30 after the sharp rise in the afternoon before 4:00 to reach the highest point, 6:00 has been reduced, after 7:00 rapid decline. Cloudy days without direct sunlight, the maximum temperature of the membrane than the open air temperature is higher than 6-8 ℃, 11 o'clock in the morning has risen, 12:30 to 3:00 when the highest point, 4:00 pm has been reduced, cloudy weather rise and Reduce the speed are slower.
It can be seen, the external temperature of the Plastic Sheet manufacturer's product application is a great impact, the need for the pro can call our contact telephone consultation, we provide you with high quality Plastic Sheet and after-sales service.
In the agricultural production, the use of Plastic Sheet manufacturers greatly enhance the use of crop production, many crops are used to plant, but in use, many people do not understand the Plastic Sheet maintenance, in fact, the correct maintenance of Plastic Sheet is concerned very important.
The correct Plastic Sheet maintenance method can extend the life of Plastic Sheet, when used must ensure that Plastic Sheet anti-pesticide corrosion, pesticides will affect the life of Plastic Sheet, especially sulfur or chlorine containing pesticides, fungicides will Destroy Plastic Sheet stability. The vegetable growers must be careful when spraying on the back of the vegetable leaves, and do not spray them on Plastic Sheet; the other is the most important factor affecting the life of the film.
In high temperature weather, the Plastic Sheet is easy to aging rupture, so in use should pay attention to the temperature can not be too high, in the Plastic Sheet production company's daily management of the product, we must pay attention to these details to ensure that the application of Plastic Sheet excellent results.