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What Is The Effect Of Wear Plate Products On Laser Bending?

Aug 14, 2019

Regarding the related applications of wear plates, I don’t know how much you know? Want to use the wear plate requires us to understand the various performance characteristics of the wear plate, and then our professionals will give you a brief explanation, I hope to help you.

    The thermal properties and mechanical properties of the wear plate are more complicated for the laser bending, and will mainly involve the thermal expansion coefficient, specific heat capacity coefficient, thermal diffusion coefficient, yield limit, elastic modulus and hardening index of the material. Under the same process conditions, the greater the specific heat and thermal conductivity of the composite wear plate, the temperature gradient in the forming process is not obvious, and the resulting bending angle is smaller.

    The geometrical factors that affect the laser bending angle of the wear plate are also the width of the curved piece and the thickness of the composite wear plate. Under certain process conditions, the effect of thickness is mainly reflected in the bending angle. The larger the thickness, the smaller the bending angle obtained. However, when the thickness exceeds a certain value, the wear-resistant sheet will not produce any plastic bending.

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