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What Is The Principle Of Construction And Operation Of Electric Roller?

Sep 08, 2017

What is the principle of construction and operation of electric Roller?

Electric Roller is the shaft does not turn the line from the shaft out, there is a circle in a large roller gear motor is the main axis is fixed on the big shaft, the motor shaft has a reducer on the final output shaft has a gear, because the motor and Roller are Axis so the Roller spindle does not turn the motor in the body will not turn, only the output shaft with a gear rotation in the drive Roller gear rotation. Electric Roller from the appearance point of view, is a two ends have a shaft cylindrical cylinder. The Roller of the electric Roller is equipped with a motor and a reducer. The stator of the motor, the casing of the reducer, the fixed shaft of the electric Roller, and the bolts are fixedly connected. The motor shaft drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the outer Roller of the electric Roller for the rotary motion. There is an axial through hole in the fixed shaft of the electric Roller, and the lead wire of the motor extends from the hole. To prevent the fixed shaft from rotating, a keyway is opened at the corresponding position of the shaft and mounting bracket and the key is attached. Now the electric Roller is generally used cycloid reducer, the outer cylinder of the plate as a reduction mechanism of a balance wheel, so that the entire electric Roller to further simplify.

Under normal circumstances, the electric Roller once a year repair. The process is as follows: through the left side of the Roller cover on the oil hole in the Roller of the smooth oil discharge clean, and then the Roller collapse, the internal parts of its internal parts and clean its clean. Re-injection of a sufficient amount of calcium sodium-based grease to change the motor and roller body on the seal and oil seal, the replacement of the seals and seals must be intact, lubricated and no small bumps and sags, can not have wrinkles , The material must be used to check the oil-resistant rubber bearings, explosion-proof electric Roller backstop and gear wear conditions, can not be used to change the roller into the new HU-30 turbine oil or domestic 150 synthetic hydraulic industrial gear oil and So that the level of the liquid reaches the Roller diameter of 1/3 check the Roller roller motor rotor should be sensitive, not touch the sound inside the machine clean and no debris.

The electric Roller is a new type of drive that places the motor and the gear unit in the Roller body. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyor, instead of the traditional motor, reducer in the drive roller outside the separate drive device. Reflecting the requirements of today's society more efficient, lower energy consumption. Therefore, when selecting the electric Roller as a transmission, pay special attention to the quality of the product. Whether in appearance, or internal product quality.

The complexity of the mine itself and the harshness of its working environment and the presence of a large number of unpredictable contingencies are a major cause of coal mine safety accidents. This article is for the electric Roller belt machine work process prone to insecurity, through technological innovation, the installation of emergency braking device, to eliminate the electric Roller belt machine in the inclined roadway operation process prone to security risks. In recent years, due to the installation of electric Roller belt conveyor easy, simple maintenance, transportation and other advantages, in the coal mine driving face along the trough transport has been widely used. However, in the use of inclined roadway, but also prone to some problems: For example, in the electric Roller belt conveyor down transport, in the emergency stop, switch power failure, the belt machine in the parking due to inertia when the role of sliding forward, Leading to the belt head trash too much, to carry out piled clean up, an increase of the belt driver's labor intensity, while damage to the belt machine Roller, shorten the belt life, piled up the fall in the road to the pedestrian safety impact. Second, the electric Roller belt machine emergency brake device principle To solve the problem of walking down the road after walking down the belt, we studied the electric Roller belt machine performance and the practical application of the problems, we developed a downstream belt Electric Roller emergency brake device. 1, the design of emergency braking device How to stop the belt in the electric Roller belt after the power outage, is the key to emergency braking device; we use the hydraulic principle of the cylinder, developed the emergency brake device. 2, the construction and production of emergency braking device The emergency brake device is simple, mainly by a propulsion cylinder, brake channel steel, operating valves, water pipes and other components. The brake is mainly made by the brake shoe.