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What Is The Reason Why Plastic Sheet Produces Static Electricity

Aug 08, 2017

What is the reason why Plastic Sheet produces static electricity
In the packaging and printing, the use of Plastic Sheet printing products, must take into account the plastic will produce static factors to operate. So why does Plastic Sheet in the end produce static electricity? The following Longcheng plastic packaging plant from the following two reasons for the analysis:
1. Microcosmic reasons: According to the theory of atomic physics, the material is neutral when the electrical balance in the state, due to contact with different substances produce electronic gains and losses, so that the material lost electrical balance, resulting in electrostatic phenomena.
2. Macro causes: friction between objects, excited electron transfer; contact and separation between objects produce electron transfer; electromagnetic induction caused by the surface charge of the unbalanced distribution; friction and electromagnetic induction of the combined effect.
Plastic is a polymer material, the surface resistance of the volume resistance is greater than 10 to 12 or more. Thus giving good insulation properties to the plastic material. And because of this reason it is easy to produce static electricity, because the plastic and its products in the production of handling, contact, separation, friction collision, involved in electromagnetic induction occasions are very possible, or even impossible to avoid these occasions. It brought the generation of static electricity factors.
We must take into account the potential harm caused by static electricity, so that we can better grasp the production process. The use of better packaging and printing technology, so that our technology by more and more people recognized.
  Buy Plastic Sheet factory direct plastic film to understand the production enterprises and vendors of the qualifications and credibility of the situation, to test product certification and sales invoices. The following is a small series for everyone to introduce the Plastic Sheet purchase method.
    See whether the product meets the national mandatory standards. Agricultural film national mandatory standard thickness of 0.008 mm, but the market sales are many are 0.004 mm does not meet the standard plastic sheeting. The use of substandard plastic sheeting, not only can not achieve the role of thermal insulation, but can easily lead to farmland "white pollution." Some dealers will be 0.008 mm plastic film fried into a "green film" confused farmers. In fact, 0.008 mm plastic plastic film is only more than 0.004 mm plastic film is easy to recover, and the real environmental protection of plastic film is biodegradable biological film. This kind of plastic film because of the high cost of production and other issues, not currently promoted.
    According to use to buy plastic film. If the blind purchase as an ordinary plastic film used or not according to the requirements of manufacturers, which wasted its functionality, it should be the purpose of purchase, but also should carefully check the actual performance of its features.
  Plastic Sheet manufacturers in the production, will need to use corona treatment, in order to enhance the use of Plastic Sheet effect, but many people do not understand this, we today from its principle to briefly introduce the corona treatment.
    Plastic corona treatment method is through the metal electrode and corona treatment roller between the application of high-frequency, high-voltage power supply, so that the discharge, so that the air ionization and the formation of large amounts of ozone, while high-energy EDM film surface. Generally high temperature, ozone resistance, high insulation silicone rubber roller. Under their mutual action, the surface of the Plastic Sheet is activated and the surface energy is increased.
    Plastic Sheet manufacturers said that through the corona treatment can be polyolefin film wet tension increased to 38 dyne / cm; polyester film surface wet tension can reach 52-56 dyne / cm or more, but the main Plastic Sheet and electricity Halo treatment roller should avoid sandwiched between the air, otherwise it may make the reverse side of the film is also corona treatment