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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Construction Protection Of Polymer Wear Plates?

Aug 12, 2019

Polymer wear-resistant plates should pay attention to some points in the construction protection work. Due to its high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance (temperature less than 500 ° C), cohesiveness Strong, non-detached and other properties have gradually been widely used. Everyone is familiar with it, but we need to do the corresponding protection work during the construction process.



What do you know about this information in detail? Let's take a closer look: Under the construction of polymer wear-resistant panels, we must do a good job of wallboard failure due to unsteady, if the polymer wear-resistant lining partition semi-finished products It should be properly kept during storage and use to ensure that it is not damaged, moisture-proof, deformed or contaminated.


When using the ladder, a drawstring should be placed between the two ladders, and the joint between the stairs and the ground should be wrapped with rubber or linen to prevent slipping. Doors and windows, floors, window sills, wall surfaces, etc. that have been installed in the construction site of polymer wear-resistant plates should be protected to prevent damage. In the construction of the partition wall, the work type should ensure that the construction project is not damaged.


Electrical equipment must have reliable grounding measures. When using hand-held power tools such as electric drills, automatic leakage protection devices should be installed. The installed wall must not collide to keep the wall surface from damage and pollution. Polymer wear-resistant panels should pay attention to some important points in the construction protection work. We will introduce them here. Everyone must operate according to the instructions when operating.