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Where And Why Should I Use Plastic Ground Protection Mats?

Mar 22, 2018

Compared with wood or steel plate, the engineer material - polyethylene plastic road mats is excellent in protecting the roadway, grassland or any other ground.

At first, the plastic road mats is lighter weight than the wood and steel plate, so you spend much less efforts on transporting, moving and paving the mats.

Secondly, it is water and mould proof, so you will no need to worry about the rainy day. This character also allows it own the easy cleaning way.

In addition , It is non-toxic & tasteless, keeping your safe and healthy.

The PE Plastic Ground protection mats is designed for a variety of soil bearing conditions, including poor soil. It can be used as Event Flooring, Temporary roads, Mud Mat, Construction Marts, Turf protection Mats, Oil Duiling Rig Mats,etc.