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Why Do PE Plate In The Domestic Market Are Becoming More Popular

Sep 14, 2016

PE sheets are now used more frequently for a product, it has very high efficiency, efficiency is reflected through other forms, for example, industrial applications, and so on.

By using properties of ultra high molecular polyethylene of PE sheet self-lubricating, non-viscous weight of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, widely used in agricultural machinery, Dozer blade, car tipping in Japan and Europe. This can make it not with mud, mud glue in order to save energy and improve efficiency.

PE plate can widely for mine, selected plant, power plant, metallurgical industry, liquid of, solid transport ship and other sector, mixed liquid funnel, sank, turned Board, scraping Board conveying machine of guide, Shaker, floating selected machine lining Board, lining block goods, large car since unloading car car, Lee Ning,, wear resistance corrosion of application, has money value of unique advantage.

PE has excellent chemical resistance to most domestic and industrial. Various chemicals, chemical corrosion, corrosive oxidant (ER), aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons. The polymer is not hygroscopic, and has a good resistance to water vapour, can be used for packaging. HDPE has excellent electrical performance, especially in high insulation dielectric strength, making it very suitable for wire and cable. Media has an excellent impact resistance of high molecular weight fractions, even at room temperature and at low temperature is-40F. Unique features of various brands of high density polyethylene is a combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and additives. Different catalyst enables you to customize specific properties of polymer production. These variables combine to produce HDPE grades for different purposes; the performance to achieve the best balance. Has good chemical stability, resistant to most acids, alkali, organic solvents and water erosion. Good electrical insulation.