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Why So Widely Used Polyethylene Sheet

Sep 18, 2016

Ultra high molecular polyethylene plates tasteless and nontoxic, odorless, is non-corrosive, with physiology through sexual and physiological adaptations, United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of agriculture (USDA) allow it to be used in contact with food and medicine. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are thermoplastic plastics. It combines the advantages of most plastic, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical-resistant, self lubricating and absorb impact energy, these six characteristics are present in the plastic has the highest number in recent years, the new plastic products used widely in Europe and the United States, increasing demand.

Application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate:

1, lining: silos, hoppers, wear plate, bracket, chute, backflow, sliding surfaces, roller

2, food machinery: guard rail, star-shaped wheels, oriented Kun gears, bearing lining tiles

3, paper-making machinery: flat box cover, deflectors, wiper Board, hydrofoil.

Polyethylene sheet

4, the chemical industry: sealing filling plate, gasket cement, vacuum mold box, pump parts, lining of bearings, gears, seal

5, other: agricultural machinery, ship components, and electroplating industries, extremely low temperature mechanical components.

Super polymer volume polyethylene plate raw materials Super polymer volume polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is thermoplastic engineering plastics, it integrated has all plastic of superiority can, has resistance wear, and resistance impact, and resistance chemical corrosion, and itself lubrication, and anti-low temperature, and wear coefficient small, and weight light, and sucking can, and resistance aging, and flame retardant, and antistatic, excellent performance, using Super polymer volume polyethylene plate pave geomembrane lining on power plant, and coal mine, and coking factory, coal warehouse; cement plant, and Mills, and aluminum factory of ore warehouse and the other material warehouse; food, and feed, and The granary, quay hopper in the pharmaceutical industry, to prevent sticking, speeds up the cutting speed to eliminate blockage accident, save investment and cost of air bubbles, pave geomembrane lining on cabins in bulk powder adhesion vessel can be avoided and to reduce loading and unloading mechanical damage to the silo wall. With the development of plastics processing technology, broader future for the UHMW-PE application.