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Why The Surface Of Synthetic Ice Rink Boards Are So Slip ?

Apr 13, 2018

Be careful! The surface of Synthetic ice rink boards are so slip that it may lead to unexpectedly slip and even fell over if you treat it lightly to walk on it by your shoes. You may curious how does it happen. Lets have a look.

The Synthetic ice rink boards is made from the Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is thermally formed through precision pressure molding. The polyethylene granule is odourless, non-toxic and felt like wax. Due to this kind of processing mode and the character of the UHMWPE materials, the board will be formed extremely smooth surface. It looks and feels like ice surface. The PE boards test result of friction coefficient is only 0.11-0.17. 

Polyethelene Granule Raw Materials