Excellent Wear Resistance LDPE Sheet For Shoe Factory

Excellent Wear Resistance LDPE Sheet For Shoe Factory
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Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese excellent wear resistance ldpe sheet for shoe factory manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales excellent wear resistance ldpe sheet for shoe factory which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

1 General Characteristics

Polyethylene resin is non-toxic, tasteless white powder or granules, milky white appearance, have waxy feel, low water absorption, less than 0.01%. Polyethylene better water resistance. Product surface polarity, difficult bonding and printing, the surface treatment improves. Their light degradation and oxidation resistance is poor.


2 Mechanical characteristics

 Usually the mechanical properties of polyethylene, low tensile strength, poor creep resistance, good impact resistance. Impact strength LDPE> LLDPE> HDPE, other mechanical properties of LDPE <LLDPE <HDPE. Mainly affected by density, crystallinity, and the relative molecular mass, with the improvement of these indicators, and their mechanical properties increased. Resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance is bad, but when increasing the relative molecular mass, improved. Good puncture resistance, which LLDPE best.


3 Thermal Properties

Polyethylene heat resistance is not high, with the relative molecular mass and increase the degree of crystallinity has improved. Low temperature performance, less brittle temperature generally up to -50 ; and increases with molecular weight, as low as -140 . Polyethylene, linear expansion coefficient, up to (20 ~ 24) × 10-5 / K. High thermal conductivity.


4 Electrical properties

 Because polyethylene polarity, and therefore have low dielectric loss and excellent dielectric strength large electrical properties, which can make FM insulation, corona-resistant plastic, and can do high voltage insulation materials.


5 Environmental Characteristics

 Polyethylene belong alkane inert polymer with excellent chemical stability. At room temperature, acid and alkali corrosion, salt water, but impatience strong oxidants such as fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and chromic acid. Since polyethylene molecules containing a small amount of double bond and an ether bond, which is bad weather, sun, rain will cause aging, the need for improved antioxidant and light stabilizer.