Virgin Cast Acrylic sheet/PMMA sheet

Virgin Cast Acrylic sheet/PMMA sheet
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Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese acrylic sheets manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales acrylic sheets which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

Acrylic sheet are widely used for advertisement sheets, instruments, parts of instrument, lamps, decorations, airplanes,automobile fitting, medical appliances, work of arts insulation materials for electrical appliances, specimen sign boards and various articles for light industry, culture, education and livelihood


(1)High transmittance,soft light, visual clarity

(2)Good printing and spray coating performance, easy to stain, beautiful appearance

(3)Excellent weather resistance , UV resistance, resistance to weathering, low water absorption

(4)Good stability, wear resistance close to aluminum,chemical corrosion resistance

(5)Good process ability, thermal molding and mechanical processing

(6)Strong impact and light weight than ordinary glass

Physical Properties
UnitValuesTest standard
BasicDensityg/cm31.19ISO 1183
Transmittance%92DIN 5036
Water absorptionmg41ISO62,Method 1
Weather resistant--excellent--
MechanicalTensile strengthMpa80ISD 527-2/1B/5
Flexural strengthMpa115ISO 178
Modulus of elasticityMpa3300ISD 527-2/1B/1
Izod        Notched impact strength(Lzod)Kj/m21.6ISO 180/1A
Charpy      Notched impact strength(Charpy)Kj/m215ISO 179/1fu
Elongationat break%5.5ISO 527-2/1B/5
H961/30 Indentation hardness H961/30Mpa175ISO 2039-1
ThermalForming temperature160-175--
Heat deflection temperature115ISO 75
Max.permanent service temperature80--
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion1/K7x10-5DIN 53752-A
ElectricalVolume resistivityΩNaN>1015DIN VDE 0303
Surface resistivityΩ5x1013DIN VDE 0303
Dielectric strengthKV/mm30DIN VDE 0303

(7)Good electrical and dielectric properties, suitable for different electrical equipment

(8)Environmentally friendly, high recyclable, easy to maintain and clean with rainwater.