Colored 3mm 10mm Double Frosted Acrylic Sheet Cut To Size

Colored 3mm 10mm Double Frosted Acrylic Sheet Cut To Size
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We are the professional manufacture of cast acrylic sheet,clear acrylic sheet,color acrylic sheet. Our factory was more than 20 years of MMA area and oldest cast acrylic sheet factory in China. Our main parts of equipment are imported from Taiwan and the raw material is 100% LUCITE of U. K. We have three produce lines and the capacity is 1000 tons/month. We have more than 7 years export experiences and the quality is satisfied by home and abroad customers.


We can supply cast thick acrylic sheet,Extruded thick acrylic sheet,decorative acrylic sheet, thermoforming clear thick acrylic sheet,vacuum forming color acrylic Sheet,advertising acrylic sheet etc, we have the good quality and very competitive price.



1, Construction: Windows,Soundproof windows and doors,Mining mask,Telephone booths,etc.

2, Ad: Light boxes,Signs,Signage,Exhibition, etc.

3, Transport:Trains,Cars and other vehicles' doors

4, Medical: Baby incubators,a variety of surgical medical devices

5, Public goods:Sanitary facilities,Handicrafts,Cosmetics,Frame,Tank,etc.

6, Industry:Surface of the instrument panel and cover,etc.

7, Lighting:Fluorescent lamps,chandeliers,street lamp,etc.




1.  Excellent transparency.

2.  Good mechanical performance.

3.  Good electrical insulation.

4.  Stable and durable.

5. Non-toxic.

6. Superior impact resistance.

7. Crack resistance.

8. Superior weather resistance.

9.  UV light resistance.

10. Chemical resistance.

11. Stable color under outdoor exposure.