HDPE Plastic Temporary Road Mats For Heavy Duty Machinary

It is designed to create a medium-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian accessway quickly and easily. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad provides superior temporary access and ground protection for almost any vehicle, with advanced design features and an easy-to-use connection system.

Product Details

Temporary road mat is designed to preserve soft and sensitive ground conditions for machinery and vehicles, which are reusable for many times and 100% recyclable after use. It is an ideal alternative of the highly expensive aluminum protection systems or the "rot and replace" culture of timber for ground protection. 
euromatni1It can cushion the wheel in the sand, mud swamps, snow, ground mat play a role in increasing friction. 

ground mat25Anti-slip HDPE outdoor ground mats, temporary road mats/access track mats are manufactured by using super strong, high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), which provides greater strength and shear resistance than layered, hollow, or laminated systems.