White100% UHMWPE Sheet

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We can make different White100% UHMWPE Sheet according to different requirements with different application .Like anti-UV, fire-resistant,anti-static,non-toxic and with other characters. Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world .

Features of plastic UHMWPE sheet

1.Best shock resistance even in low temperature
2.Low frictional factor, and well sliding bearing material 
3.Lubricity (no caking, in adhesion)
4.Best chemical corrosion resistance and stress craze resistance
5.Excellent machinery process ability
6.Lowest water absorption
7.Paragon electric insulativity and anti-static behavior
8.Nice high energy radioactive resistance
9.Abrasive resistance which always have in thermoelectricity polymer
10.Density is lower than other thermoplastic


1. In metallurgy, electric power, coal, shipbuilding, meat and other industries

UHMWPE board has impact resistance, wear resistance, non-adhesiveness and self-lubricating properties, and is mainly used for lining sheets and strips of coal bunkers and various silos hopper chutes.

2. Paper industry

UHMWPE sheets have good wear resistance and are mainly used for vacuum suction box panels and wipers.

3. In the textile industry

UHMWPE sheet has impact resistance and wear resistance, and is mainly used for various skin knots, gears, laps, tweezers,etc..

4. Ceramic industry

UHMWPE sheets are abrasion resistant and non-adhesive, and are mainly used for various sizes of rolling head filter plates, wheels,etc..

5. Beverage light industry

UHMWPE board has wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating and non-toxicity. It is mainly used for various gears, cams and guide rails, guide bars, cover type, L type, I-shaped and other profiles.

6. Machinery industry

UHMWPE board has wear resistance, impact resistance and self-lubricating properties. It is mainly used for various sliders, wear strips, bushings, various pins, gears, cams, impellers, etc.