High Wear Resistance UHMWPE Irregular Part

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Due to its unique molecular structure, the wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary metal and plastic products, which is 6.6 times that of carbon steel, 5.5 times of stainless steel, 27.3 times of brass, 6 times of nylon, and 5 times of polytetrafluoroethylene. The wear resistance of UHMWPE is proportional to the molecular weight, and the higher the molecular weight, the better the wear resistance.

High Wear Resistance UHMWPE Irregular Part is widely used in modern time.We produce the Irregular Parts with polyethylene, high density polyethylene and ultra high density polyethylene.


High wear resistance

Excellent aging resistance

Excellent self-lubrication

Excellent Anti-adhesion ability

High chemical stability

Low coefficient of friction

High Abrasion and impact resistant