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Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese plastic cnc machined parts/ precision cnc milling plastic upe machining parts manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales plastic cnc machined parts/ precision cnc milling plastic upe machining parts which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

Tangyin Xinxing machined plastic parts are made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). 

Tangyin Xinxing has been processing UHMWPE resin for over 12 years, this virgin grade UHMWPE is 

excellent for resisting abrasion and corrosion while contributing a low coefficient of friction.

Tangyin Xinxing machined plastic parts are being used in mining, pulp and paper operations, refrigeration, 

chemical plants, material handling industries, and automotive assembly plants, etc.

If you have metal parts that should be replaced with non-corroding, quiet, longer-lasting parts, our 

Tangyin Xinxing can probably custom-machine them for you.

Key properties of UHMWPE machined plastic parts:

Extremely high impact strength

Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

Optimal sliding properties

Dimensional stability

Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates

Resistance against fatigue

Water repellent

Good chemical resistance

Excellent electrical and dielectric properties

Physiologically harmless

Machined plastic parts will help:

Improve performance

Reduce downtime

Eliminate the need of lubrication

Replace steel parts

Lower operating costs

Won't absorb fluids

Noise abatement

Energy savings

Reduced maintenance

Application of machined plastic parts:

Wear strips


wear bends






food quality components

OEM parts

To enable us to machine your parts, we require the drawings or a sample to work on.  Please contact us to 

discuss your requirements.